What to pack for a ten day trip

Hi loves! I told you that I had some posts that fall in line with my upcoming trip! Because it’s the holiday season, and a lot of people of traveling to see family or friends (like me), I thought I ought to do a post about what to pack for a ten day trip. Of course, you can adjust the numbers of each item depending on the length of your trip!

To begin, I have my travel outfit. We’ll be in the car for about 12 hours, so I need something comfy. Whenever I travel, I generally wear leggings and some kind of sweater. These leggings are from American Eagle, and I just have a classic Patagonia pullover (like this).

Next, I just have three basic tops, a tank top, a t-shirt, and a long sleeve. These are perfect for layering, and they don’t take up a lot of room.

Then I have a few blouses/shirts. These are a little heavier than the basic tops but can also be layered. The gray turtleneck and the lilac button up are from American Eagle, and the gray thermal is from Free People. All of these are a couple years old, so the exact ones aren’t available any more, but here are a couple similar ones. Turtleneck: http://on.ae.com/2hrBRjQ Button up: http://on.ae.com/2hpvJv8 Thermal: http://bit.ly/2hiNwnw

The final category of tops are sweaters. These can all be layered with the basic tops. Unfortunately, these are all from thrift stores, but check out your local thrift store. You just might score!

Okay, it’s quite rainy and cold in Oregon and Washington this time of year, so the only bottoms I’m bringing are jeans. I have two pairs of my vintage 501s, a pair of dark wash skinny jeans from Hollister, and a medium wash pair from the Gap. Here’s some similar Hollister jeans and Gap jeans

I’m optimistically bringing one dress just in case we go out to a nice restaurant or do something else mildly fancy. Again, I’m so sorry, but this is an older Free People dress, so it’s no longer available. I will try to find something similar! 1 2 3

Finally, pjs! I usually just wear an oversized t-shirt and shorts to bed. These are honestly nothing special, only comfy. One day, I’ll have my life together enough to wear cute nightgowns and whatnot.

I didn’t take a picture, but I also have my underwear, socks, etc. Always bring a couple pairs more than how long you’ll be there just in case. It’s much better to be prepared.

These are my basic toiletries although I’m sure I’m forgetting something! I’ll just give you a quick run down of everything. I have my glasses, glasses case, contact case, and contact solution as far as eye stuff goes. I also have my Old Spice Fiji deodorant, Body Shop hairbrush (honestly the best brush out there), coconut oil, rosebud salve, rose face wash (I really love roses), a travel sized Burts Bees body wash, a Bath and Body Works body mist in coconut lime, tweezers, my Sonicare toothbrush (you’ll never use another toothbrush), and a reusuable container for shampoo.

And last but not least, I have makeup. Honestly, I barely wear makeup, but I always bring a little just in case I’m in the mood. All I have a my EcoTools brushes, my Real Techniques makeup sponge, a NYX brow kit, a L’Oreal powder, my L’Oreal liquid liner, my Maybelline concealer, my Too Faced Better than Sex mascara, two lipsticks, and a gold Body Shop eyeshadow. Very minimal, and I most likely will only wear any of it once or twice the whole trip.

Hopefully you enjoyed this little peek into my suitcase, and this post helps you with what to pack for a ten day trip! I actually hate packing, and it always takes me soooooo long to do. I honestly read so many blog posts about packing. Anyway, if you didn’t see my last travel tip posts, go check it out! http://www.coffeepotsandthoughts.com/five-travel-tips/. I’ll talk to you soon!


Emma xx

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The First Snow

Hey, loves!

So this week brought the first snow of the season. Although it has already melted, it was wonderful while it was here. I am definitely one of those Christmas people who sings carols as early as possible. I was listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas album all day Tuesday. Anyway, this post is kind of an outfit/day in my life kind of thing. Let me know if you like this!

Because it was so chilly, I cozied up in this amazing pink sweater and my embroidered 501s. I was also able to wear my brand new Sorel Joan of Artic snow boots.


Omelette and toast

For breakfast, I made a cheese and arugula omelette with toast. Of course, I had coffee (not pictured), and I enjoyed my meal while reading my latest issue of Dwell magazine (feeding my obsession for design).

School work

Here’s just a quick snap of my note taking set up for my Biology class. I’m honestly never anywhere without my planner. I have to write absolutely everything down or else I miss and forget so much. This school year I decided to go for the Lilly Pulitzer one in Southern Charm (you can get it here). I spent hours trying to decide on which brand to go for, and I’m so glad I chose this one. It actually spans a year and a half rather than just a year which is super nice.

Snow boots

Now, comes a cute shot of the first snow and my beautiful new boots. Agh. This just screams Christmas.


This is just an artsy pic of the parking lot and the oil. The environmentalist in me is crying, but the artist in me loves it.

Snowy mountains

And finally, here’s a quick look at my gorgeous view on my drive home. You can kind of see the patches of yellow and orange in the mountains amidst the snow.

I hope you enjoyed this kind of post, and I hope you had a lovely week. Let me know what kind of Christmas person are you! Do you listen to Christmas music all year long or strictly in December?

Love you all,

Emma xx

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A Week of Fall Outfits

Hey, loves!

So this week was properly cold and fall-like. Therefore, this post has some good fall outfits. There has been plenty of rain and chilliness. Also, all of the fallen leaves smell so perfect and fresh. I wish I had a perfume that smelled like fall.

Anyway, this week was all sweaters (except for one day) and jeans. I know, it sounds a bit boring, but I love fall and winter because of all the sweaters. There’s something so wonderful and comfortable about a nice, warm sweater. These kinds of outfits will be my staple throughout the next few months, so sorry in advance for any repeats. However, let’s just get into this week.

On Monday (pictured above), I wore one of my absolute favorite sweaters and ripped Hollister skinny jeans. This sweater is an oversized, cowl-neck Free People sweater and is so cozy. Its more of an open weave, so I always wear a longline bralette underneath, but you could also wear a tank top or long-sleeve (those layers are key in the winter) too.

Heavy wool sweater and vintage levis

Tuesday brought a little colder weather, so I wore a thick wool turtleneck with my trusty vintage 501s. (You will probably get sick of these jeans, but I love them too much not to wear them all the time.) Wool sweaters are usually pretty itchy, so I wore a simple long sleeve underneath to combat that.

Silk turtleneck and vintage wrangler jeans

Wednesday was a little different because instead of going to class, the entire school of architecture was helping conduct the historical survey of Bozeman. This meant meeting at 8 am, walking around, taking pictures of houses, and taking notes about each house in the rain. It was interesting but pretty tedious. Anywho, I wore a silk turtleneck and my vintage wranglers. My socks are another pair of sassy/witty socks that say “Ringmaster of the Shit Show”.  I think they’re funny, and even if no one else sees them, they make me happy.

Long sleeve and vintage levis

Moving on in the week, Thursday brought lots of homework and lots of coffee. Breaking from the pattern, however, I wore a long sleeve Hollister top (I know, crazy right? No sweater?) and a pair of vintage 550s. These are different from the 501s because they are much more of a boyfriend fit, more of a mid-rise, and have a zip fly.

.Turtleneck sweater and skinny jeans

Finally, Friday came! And it happened to come again with a ton of coffee because Thursday night (and technically early Friday morning) consisted of homework. I went back to my standard turtleneck sweater and Hollister skinny jeans. This sweater is from American Eagle and is so so so soft. It feels like you’re perpetually wrapped in a blanket which doesn’t really help when you’re exhausted but still.

I’ll try to mix up my outfits a little more, but as it continually gets colder and colder, there’s not much I can do for variety. Warmth trumps everything else!

What is your standard outfit in the fall and winter? Do you live somewhere warm enough to wear skirts and dresses? How can I switch up my outfits?

Until next week…


Emma xx

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A Second (More Successful) Attempt at Fashion Blogging

Hi, loves!

This week I really tried to take a picture of my outfit every single day, and I magically succeeded! All of these pictures are not flat lays but rather selfies. Lornaluxe is one of my favorite bloggers and all of her Instagram posts are perfect, so I really tried to emanate her style. You should definitely check her out at http://lornaluxe.com/. She’s perfect in every way. Anyway, here we go.


So on Monday, I wore a pair of vintage 501s and this orange/coral sweater from Hollister. I’ve had this sweater for so long, but it is so comfy and easy to just throw on when you’d much rather be in bed on a Monday (I’ll try to link a similar one below)


Tuesday’s outfit was basically exactly what I wear most days in the summer. It was weirdly hot even though it’s fall in Montana, so I wore a pair of Levi’s cutoffs, a loose tank top from PacSun, and a high neck bralette from Victoria’s Secret.


Wednesday was definitely my most Lorna-like day. #chestfie. I just really love her style and everything about her. I wore a cream colored silk button up from Neiman Marcus and another pair of vintage 501’s. I didn’t take a picture of this back, but I embroidered a rose onto the back pocket, officially making these my favorite.


As an architecture student, I’m constantly working on different projects in every free moment I have. Thursday was no exception, but I did sneak in a few pictures while working in the studio. I had so much going on this day that I just wore a simple long sleeve top and my vintage Wrangler jeans. I did wear these awesome socks though, and I do have photo evidence.


Honestly though everyone, stay away.


And finally, Friday! Friday was, as usual, crazy busy and weirdly warm for September in Montana. So I was still rocking shorts, these ones are from American Eagle, and a lilac, three quarter sleeve bodysuit from Urban Outfitters.

I hope to keep doing these weekly outfit posts, and hopefully I’ll be as good as I was this week with actually taking pictures. I hope you all are well, and I love you all.


Emma xx

similar hollister sweater: http://bit.ly/2dGVuTp, american eagle shorts: http://on.ae.com/2deVQle, socks: http://bit.ly/2dDcQ7E


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An attempt at being a fashion blogger

So in true fashion blogger fashion (get it get it?), I took a flat lay of my outfit. My intention was to take one every day this week, but life happens, and I spent the majority of the mornings trying on five different pants with five different tops. It was just one of those weeks. But I do have one picture to share.

So both my silky tank top and my vintage Wrangler jeans are from a thrift shop. That may make me basic or a hipster, but it’s honestly my favorite way to shop.

I don’t wear a lot of makeup, so I only wore a little mascara (my favorite is the classic Better than Sex one by Too Faced. I’ll link it below) and a sheer, barely there L’Oreal lipstick.

Anyway, I promise I’ll try to be more diligent and take more pictures of my outfits. In the meantime, I hope you all are having a great first few days of fall.


Emma xx

Better than Sex Mascara: http://bit.ly/1xrCICI



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